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Rachel Uchitel is claiming that Wendy Williams went rogue in an interview final month, which led to an “uncomfortable” and “inappropriate” chat about Tiger Woods.

Rachel says the interview was alleged to heart on her partnership with Seeking.com, however Wendy would not cease badgering her in regards to the infamous affair she had with Tiger a decade in the past. In reality, the interview even prompted Wendy’s workers to apologize to Rachel, she revealed.

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“That was a little bit of a rough interview,” Rachel stated throughout an look on “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef.” “Her staff was really nice about asking me to be on and said that she was going to be nice and had said all nice things to me.”

The interview, although, began off moderately awkwardly, as Wendy requested Rachel if the publicity from the affair was “good for her.” Wendy additionally requested if Rachel believed Tiger would go away his then-wife, Elin Nordegren, for her. The daytime speak present host ended the chat by saying, “We’ll never like home-wreckers here, but we like you for what you’re trying to build.”

During a lot of the 13-minute interview, Wendy requested about Tiger.

“This was a story that happened 10 years ago and it’s something I want to be disassociated with,” Rachel advised Wendy in March. “I want no more association with that. I wish people would stop shaming me for something that happened 10 years ago.”

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On the “Behind the Velvet Rope” podcast, Rachel implied that Wendy was merely unprepared and “didn’t really know” tips on how to interview her.

“I think she was confused as to how to interview me because I felt like that first five minutes or so was very, almost like she felt pressured into asking me these questions that she thought she needed to ask for some reason,” she stated, “because I felt like it was almost awkward in the way that these were questions that were so inappropriate almost to a level that didn’t make sense.”

Prior to happening the present (just about), Rachel — who’s also known as “Tiger Woods’ mistress” — was apparently advised that Wendy would ask one or two questions on Tiger, with a lot of the questioning associated to the HBO documentary “Tiger” that Rachel lately participated in.

“Her staff ended up calling me after the fact and said, ‘We’re so sorry, because we didn’t know she was gonna continue on that level of questioning.’ And that’s actually not even why they booked me,” Rachel stated. “It got very uncomfortable because it was sort of like, she kept harping on something and didn’t want to let go of it. And you know, after 10 years of living with a stigma attached to you and like, everyone’s sort of, you know, needing to like introduce you as that, like it’s really enough already. I thought that was really a place of, now we’re getting inappropriate here.”

Several viewers reached out to Rachel and stated they have been “uncomfortable” with the interview, the previous New York and Las Vegas nightlife host stated.

She additionally doubts that Wendy would have handled a person as “harshly.” 

“I definitely think that something needs to be said about the stigma that women have,” she stated. “I think that she, something needs to be said on her show about how hard she came at me and that women shouldn’t be given the stigma for being the other woman.”


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