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Property in Vineland costs $625,000|South Jersey realty deals –

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-9506Highland Street, Sarah Ladner to Mary E. Citsay for $150,000


-Block14 and Lot 10 Landis Ave.,Carol A. and Thomas OlszewskiJr to Mand LLC for $199,900

-580Elm Street, Laura Kousmine to Michael C. Lighty for $150,000


-257Cornwell Drive, Tammie L. and Vincent F. BertucciJr to Anthony J. Bertucci for $245,000

-19Hoover Road, William Robert McGonigal to Quidone Bergen for $176,000


-951New Jersey Ave., Kimberly Joy Smith to James and Donna M. Smith for $165,000


-12Country Club Drive, Alfred Anthony Catania to CCCI LLC for $150,000

-97Fairton Millville Road, Steve Jost to Catherine M. Muhlbaier for $107,000


-979Yegreate Street, Brittany Dean to Robert Luz for $135,000


-306Redbud Lane, Dina E. Comman to Corinne S. Amenta for $138,000


-2416Holly Drive, Patricia C. Kears, executrix for the estate of Raymond F. and Olga P. Clark to Alexandria and Joseph Regenelli for $120,000

-1511 A Fairton Road, Tracey Zieger to Gerald and Sharron M. Ortiz for $180,000

-454Val Lane, Zachary Keller to Helen Morales for $205,900

-8102West Buckshutem Road, Barry K. and Kay A. Moore to Tracy A. Collins for $189,900

-2209Balsam Lane, Alicia Abrams, Donna Canion and Michael Mackeprang to Brandylee Myers for $214,000


-620Mills Lane, Michael and Maryann Zedek to Marla E. Hugg and Frederick W. Meng for $260,000


-128Dogwood Drive, DLR Group Properties to Nichole A. Stump for $212,000


-29Maplewood Ave., Lauren and Jacob R. Allen to Cesar O. Alvira and Vanessa Mercado for $159,900


-35Heron Ave., Tracey K. Young, executrix for the estate of Daniel H. WilliamsSr to Nancy D. Norton for $125,000


-108Grandview Drive, Eric and Maria Eisenhart to Donna Rosenstock for $245,000


-28Willow Lane, June R. Lafferty to J.E. Waterhouse LLC for $75,000


-37Cottage Gate Circle Edward F. Sheridan III, administrator of the estate of Edward F. SheridanJr to Richard Pate and Savannah P. Pate for $319,000


-1377Oak Lane, Hilario Hernandez and I&H Homes LLC to Michelle E. and Peter A. Basile for $180,000

-805 W. Oak Road, Carole M. Binkley to Efren M. and Maria G. Fernandez for $130,000

-42 S. State Street,WilmingtonSavings Fund Society to Russell J. Swanson for $625,000

-1440 N. Maple Drive, Wells Fargo Bank to CHC Housing LLC for $104,001

-5495Pilgrim Way, Rosario PuesiJr RPJ Properties LLC to Brent Higgins for $211,000

-38 W. Park Ave., Michael Costantino, administrator for the estate of Jane and Alfred Costantino to ASM Properties LLC for $139,000

-813Cheltenham Drive, Doreen Vitalo to Liz N. and Jose M. Rodriguez for $106,000

-1081Rae Drive, Equus One LLC and Michael Spinelli to Tamaya R. Gould for $172,000

-10Columbia Ave., Carie Janetta to Carlos A. and Kristi E. Mercado for $152,000

-4002 S. Lincoln Ave., Shore Management Company of Delaware ValleyInc to Lizet and Tomas Hernandez for $145,000

-2699London Lane, Sherwood Forest Homes LLC to Isaias S. Ortez-Andrade and Sandre E. Reyes-Ferman for $286,000

-3018Candlewood Drive, Barbara Yacovelli to Elizabeth Fiorani for $215,000

-32Ewan Terrace, Norma Acosta for the estate of Efrain Acosta to Suzanne M. Castro for $165,000

-2385Baywood Drive, Carol F. and Gerald A. GibbonsJr to Tracy J. Lee for $125,000

-17 N. Valley Ave., Brandi N. Perez to Martin White for $129,900

-1683 E. Chestnut Ave., Elba and Martin Alicea to Kevin Green for $240,000

-613 S. Main Road, Humberto and Irma Rosa Varela to Maria M. Nieves for $136,000


-748Woodland Ave., Derek and Lori Keating to Nicholas A. and Lynda Alloway for $175,000


-543Riviera Drive, Timothy K. McHugh, esquire and administrator of the estate of Lyda R. Kraekel to Joan M. Covert for $227,500

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