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Property in Millville costs $395 million|South Jersey property deals –


-12Twin Oaks Drive, Sherwood at Twin Oaks LLC to Delceta Speight for $159,000


-51South Golfwood Ave., Bohdan SobkiwJr to William I. Welch for $200,000

-9Water’s Way, Route 48 Properties, LLC to NVR,Inc for $44,500

-280Harold Street, MTGLQ Investors, L.P. by attorney-in-fact New Penn Financial, LLC working as Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing to 280 Harold Street Capital LLC for $85,000


-194Kenyon Ave., Carlsbad Funding Mortgage Trust to Deborah A. and Robert Shultz for $199,000


-12Briarwood Lane, Frederick G. and Kathleen S. Priestley to Marlene D. and Peter A. Sanmiguel III for $225,000


-1749Delsea Drive, Sheri and John Vinciguerra to Andrew RiccoJr for $440,000


-1243Mt. Vernon Ave., United Property Solutions LLC to Cheshire and Daphney S. Wallace for $158,894


-146 S. Delsea Drive, Mervin C.Jr and Christian J. Jetter to Nanak Produce & Marketing,Inc for $400,000

-WilmingtonSavings Fund Society, FSB, working as Christiana Trust, not separately however as trustee for Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Affinity Properties, LLC for $105,000


-Lot8 & C Harmony Road, Duane A. and Lois H. Cruzan to Coombs Properties LLC for $665,000


-165Main Street, Theresa Glaser and Nicholas Rhoades to Charles E. Murphy Jr and Jonnette R. Sewell for $111,000


-324Montgomery Drive, Andrew L. and Dayna A. Ensminger to Alexandria K. Barnett and Matthew R. Hannan for $164,900


-443Val Lane, James W. and Madeline A. Roe to Stacey A. Jacobs and John A. Merillo for $225,000

-441Caroline Lane, MTGLQ Investors LP by attorney-in-fact Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC to Angela and Lemon Steward for $234,000

-54Sharp Street, Millville Meridian Limited Partnership and Mary Ellen Pisanelli to Millville RE LLC for $39,490,919

-4Heron Lane,SherwoodForest Homes LLC to Daniel Kolbanovskiy and Michelle Pasamba for $275,000

-22Emily Drive, Bank of New York Mellon Trust to Michael DeFalco and Edna Barbara Ferguson for $107,625

-35Porreca Drive, Shore Management Company of Delaware ValleyInc to Jason Esprit for $185,000


-216Grindstone Court, John D. and Susan D. Storm to Beth Ann and Zayan Cooper for $395,000

-344Route 40, Better Homes Building Products Corporation to Mark Banff for $185,000


-312Raphael Court, Edward E. Neher to Devon Horner for $149,000

-493Huber Ave., Michael and Marissa Gough to Christopher and Kathleen Dunkley for $270,000


-154Delaware Drive, Citizens Bank to David W. Fish Construction for $37,900

-49Lakeview Ave., Daniel W. and Carol M. Sourber to Cynthia A. Scioli for $75,000

-76North Hook Road, OOO Investments LLC to Peter J. and Amber D. Glenning for $158, 500.

-39Harding Ave., Donald and Bethann Cook to Jacob M. White for $89,900

-20Aspen Drive, USA Homeownership FoundationInc to Vera D. Baeriswyl for $54,900


-89State Street, JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association to Julio C. Pedroza-Castaneda for $26,000


-78 S. Hook Road, Richard H. Davidson to All County Properties, LLC Liability Company for $250,000


-48 A Renter Road, David A. Paulding and Amy S. Jess to Joseph SicklerJr for $180,000


-168Stewart Road, Christopher Lee and Lesi Elbrin to Timothy D. and Emily J. Sloan for $225,000


-318Wesley Ave., Steven R. and Debra G. Plazio to Andrew L and Dayna A. Ensminger for $205,000


-1240Landis Ave., CR 2018 LLC to Mirna Estremera for $27,500


-1044Noble Place, NVRInc toDavidVazquezSr for $266,777

-112Appaloosa Way, Deborah A. Fratantoro to Robert Sean and Sherri Lee McGinn doe $277,000

-305Tower Lane, NVRInc to Brandon Michael Belman for $242,877


-929Main Street, Darlene Thomas to Eric Richard Michniewicz for $150,000


-1064Buckingham Drive, StephenJr and Esther R. Kidd to Rose Marella-Mitropoulos for $192,500


-7Gray Birch Road, Jennifer Bambino and Ronald J. Hyland to Tatiana M. Cruz for $230,000


-1757East Elmer Road, William and Eva Montanez, by attorney-in-fact Keila Montanez to Olin M. Gould IV for $160,000

-1775Monarch Lane, Alex G. Hambleton and Liquid Endeavors LLC to Damaris and Robert Serrano for $189,000

-1543 E. Grant Ave., JJCC Longport LLC and Chester J. OttingerJr to Eliu and Ramona Gonzalez for $215,000

-2433La Valle Ave., Richard and Terry A. Bles to Louis and Michelle Quiles for $295,000

-408 N. 7th Street, Eustiquio and Maritza Feliciano to Danilso Marmolejos for $125,000

-523Broadlawn Terrace, New Jersey Housing & Mortgage Finance Agency to Paul S. Curcio Trust for $113,000

-4686Covered Bridge Road, Clarence W. StreetJr to Daniel and Lorianna DeLane y for $213,000

-954Charles Street, Sandra Tibbetts to Ednali Avendano Mendez for $115,000


-958Boundary Road, NVRInc to Garmai D. Luckie-Holt and Mousa A. DassamaSr for $288,310

-912Georgetown Road, Anthony W. Jackson to Jennifer Testa for $203,000


-42Lee Ave.,Sandra J. Lynch, executrix of the Estate of James V. Dottavio to Darus W. Greathouse for $235,000


-60North Main Street, Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Edward J. and Elizabeth Ann Storm for $166,900

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